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Sass: A Powerful CSS Extension Language

Sass is an extension language for CSS.  It has many useful tools to help web developers streamline their process.

With Sass you can define attributes to a variable and then use them repeatedly.  For example, if you have several elements on a page that will all have the same default settings such as margin width, border, and font-color, you can assign all of these attributes to a single variable and use it over and over again.  This not only saves you time when doing your initial coding, but if you want to change your attributes down the road you only need to change them in one place.  See the following example:

@mixin default-type {
     margin: 20px auto;
     color: blue;
     border: 2px solid black;
img {
     @include default-type;
footer {
@include default-type;

As useful as this is, Sass is even more feature-rich and allows for many other convenient shortcuts.  For more information, read this A List Apart article Why Sass?  Also check out Sass’s official site


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