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Some of My Favorite Web Tools

Thanks to my BFF the Internet, there are a slew of resources available for web development. I thought I’d make a nice list of some of tools that I dig using!

1. Border Radius

Everybody loves a good rounded corner, but who can remember all of those browser extensions? And if all of your corners aren’t the same number of pixels, who wants to type all of that out? Here is where this handy dandy tool comes in. You type in the pixel value for each rounded corner, copy¬†and paste the code, and you’re golden!

2. What Font is That?!

Ever surfing the web and you want to know the exact font that is being used on the website you’re browsing? Well no more guessing! This browser extension is available for installation on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

3. CSS Color Names

If I’m trying to find an *exact* color match to a pre-designed site, I will use rgb or hexadecimal values. But when I’m tinkering around on my own time, I love using CSS color names. This site has a simple but gorgeous layout of all 147 of the CSS color names with colors! The landing page takes you to a random color each time so you might come across something cool that you wouldn’t have even considered.

4. ColorZilla

I’ve definitely come across instances where I wanted to match an exact color on a website. There could be several ways to do this, but why not make your life easier and download this browser extension? It has a color picking tool so that you can instantly find the rgb or hexadecimal value for a color on a real, live website. And bonus, it also has a gradient generator! ¬†Available for Chrome and Firefox, though I’m sure Safari users could find an equivalent.


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