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Web Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds can be one of the coolest ways to enhance your website!  Don’t believe me?  Check out these super cool sites.

  1.  Coulee CreativeCoulee Creative
  2. Ditto.
  3. Humboldt Coast
    Humboldt Coast

Pretty rad, right?  This websites are fabulous and the video is used in all the right ways.  Here are some tips on when and how to add video to your site:

  1.  Consider the site’s overall content.
    Would a video background be too busy?  If you look at these examples I’ve shown, you’ll see that the beauty of these sites is in their simplicity.
  2. Video length.
    Too short and it becomes repetitive and annoying.  Too long and your users are stuck with extremely long load times.  It’s important to find a happy medium!
  3. Audio – having it set to ‘off’ by default is best practice.
    The Humboldt County site I listed above does have audio and I would argue that this is an example where it works perfectly, but I think it’s a special case.  If you choose to have audio that autoplays, be sure it’s appropriate!
  4. Have a backup plan and know when to use it.
    You’ll want something else to show visitors who are using a mobile device or using slower internet connections.

Cheers and happy video backgrounding!


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